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Bridle, Bozels, & Hackamores

I recently received a question as to what the difference between a bridle and a bozel was. Well, here you go Jamie-chan...

A bridle is a piece of equipment used to direct a horse.It is a headstall that holds a bit that goes in the mouth of a horse, and the reins that are attached to the bit. see visual examples below:

A bozel is a head stall that goes around the nose of the horse and has a knot at the back, underneath the horse's chin. Putting nothing in the horses mouth. (interesting fact: the reins attached to a bozel are called Mecate Reins and they are one long section of either braided hair or nylon (mane hair is preferred) Bozel is also sometimes spelled Bosal)

The Hackamore is a often referred to as the mechanical bozel or the bit-less bridle in some areas. Its a mix between the two and its normal a little cheaper too... hehe

The picture below shows the difrences between a Bozel and a Hackamore:

Movin' Wheels yet again

Oh! well I'm sure you all know already that I'm moving. That's right, on the 24 of this month, which is this coming Friday coincidentally. I had my Going Away party this last Friday (the 17th) and at the end I wanted to cry! I'm going to miss all my AZ peeps! T_T

But enough of the sob sob stuff. Today I plan to go pick up my Guitar from my Uncle. My Aunt left it with him cause she missed her chance to stop by during her busy running around. Which means I may or may not make it to club tonight, which would have been my last club meeting, and my last day as Secretary of Across + (plus). But I'm still going to try to make it. I have to say goodbye to my BF and all my buds at some point and this really will be my last opportunity to do so, since a lot of them couldn't make it to the party.

I has pics: see! http://pics.livejournal.com/kacora_mew/gallery/0005h0rh

I bought Sprite (the cat) a new carrier cause he busted his other one on the way BACK from TX the last time. That's what I get for leaving a cat the size of a small dog alone in the car in a fabric sided carrier for 30min's.

I am also getting my hair cut before I jet out of here and head for cooler weather. The average high in the part of TX I'm going to right now is in between 45F and 50F! Chilly! And you know I just realized that I own a comforter and matching pillow covers but I have NO SHEETS! Yes it was a rather shocking realization... sadly...
I also plan to make myself a snuggling blanket out of the leftover fux-fur that Ty gave me like 5 or 6 years ago and some I bought last time I was in TX. Should be comfy and warm.. if I actually do it. Which would mean having to get out the sowing machine and I'm not really sure I want too, sowing on top of packing to leave is some tough shit!

I was also recently offered a puppy. He was 1/4 German Sheppard, Pit bull, Black Lab, and Rottweiler! And you know he looked just like Toboe from Wolf's Rain and that would have been his name too if someone hadn't picked him and taken him home before I was positive I would have a place to live in TX. T_T So now I have no puppy, and I guess I'll have to get one when I get out there. Unless my Mom finds a Queensland Healer to breed Jax to. Then I'd wait for one of his pups cause I love Jax and his babies would be the BEST DOGS EVER!

Whew! I thinks I ranted to long, I feel a little light headed... nope that's just the sugar rush from the left over Rootbeer I've been drinking. HAHA

PS AniZona 09 was AWESOME!

Wow so its now March

The year went by so fast and now its suddenly 2009 and HECK its already March!

Well i guess i shall update you all on where things are headed for me.

I will be moving back to Texas at the end of April.
Now, now, don't cheer yet. I'll still be coming back to visit. Notably i will be back in October for the wedding of my friend Amy Lasley. I've been drawing pictures of here and her betrothed as a commission for their wedding register book.

Also note i will be going to AniZona 2009 as well this year. Whats that you say? AniZona is actually happening this year? Why yes it is! and it only 20$ for the whole weekend this time around. Word is that this will be its last year. T_T
Ah well, I wont be here for it anyway so there's no use crying over lost bishi.

When i get to Texas i will still have the same phone number and all the same email/internet contacts so feel free to drop me a line any way you choose. I'll reply, I promise!

In other news, I have a new car and I'll be buying a laptop soon.

The car bit is rather sad. I didn't give up my Explorer willingly. I was crashed into. So with the settlement moneys I bought a 2002 Hundai Santa Fe, teal-green! It's got more miles on it then my old Medina but Falcor is a smooth ride, and he's got 4 doors! hurray no more climbing in over the back seat *every one else dances happily*

My Compy,faithful computer of 8 years, crashed not long after Medina. I think they were conspiring against me >.< So I'm now on the search for a new computer, though Creg did a temp fix on Compy I lost all my art, programs, and photo's from the last 8 years T_T...

I figured since i was moving into an APT in Texas that a Laptop would be a better choice so that's what I'm planing to buy once my tax return comes in. I also plan to buy it on a payment plan as to accumulate a credit score. Though that all depends on weather or not they let me do that without an insisting credit score >_<

I think.. that's about it for now..

Yep, no new amv's or anything (cause compy is gone) but i have an Idea for one and as soon as i get all the raw episodes of Kuroshitsuji from Ninja Kitty I will make it *squee*

I'll see you all around!

Ja Mata,

Yaoi Jamboree 2008

I was originally just the Historian for Yaoi Jamboree (henceforth referred to as Y-Jam) but was given the opportunity to take over the Guest Liaison position as well. I will not reveal pre-con staff secrets here, those are things that are never for the public to know or worry themselves over. There is always room for improvement.All in all I am pleased with how MY end of the convention turned out. Strictly speaking about the Guests of Honor and the Historians.

Firstly, the Guests: Both Claudia and Barbara are excellent artists by themselves and as a team. It was a great joy for me to get to know them, even if it was only for a short while in short intervals. I want to apologize to them specifically if at any time they felt left out or ignored. I am sorry. I found both of these young women to have wonderful senses of humor and they were also both very hard working.

To say the least our guests trip here started out a little bumpy. Futaba-sensei and Mitsuba-sensei arrived in the US on Thursday, the day before the convention but not without some unforeseeable and unavoidable trouble. At their layover in Dallas the airport was struck by some uncanny furious weather and instead of arriving in PHX @ 11am their flight didn’t make it here till well passed 6pm. They were gracious and very understanding. Not only did they and their guests easily forgive but they also kept a cheery and wonderfully pleasant attitude, at the very least in the presence of others. Of the guests these are the ones I was graced to spend the most time with, and I enjoyed the experience immensely. The friends that they brought with them, Koreeda-san and Ando-san, were also a joy to have. I hope their trip to the US, as this was their first trip, was as fulfilling as meeting them was for me.

Eiki-Eiki-sensei and Tusda-sensei also had a rough start. When the plane bringing them here experienced some turbulence and Eiki-Eiki-sensei (who gets easily car/vehicle sickness) spent most of Friday afternoon, in the terminal and at the Hotel, feeling unwell. I was sorry that I could do nothing but as if she was okay, to which she would reply “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” (in Japanese of course ><) I didn’t get to spend as much time with this group of guests (and their guest and friend Kumagai-san) From what I gather however their tip as decent by any standards. I hope this to be true, I very much enjoyed their company… what little I was to them.

At this point I would like to thank both my hard working P.A.’s (personal assistant’s) and our even harder working Translators.

To Our Translators:
Yoshiko Noda, thank you for coming all this way to give us a hand. We really appreciated it.

Christine Schilling, and her twin Cathy Schilling (who volunteered to help us out ^-^) I greatly appreciate all of your help, I could never have done, we could never have accomplished half as much as we did without you. Thank you so much! Stay in touch!

I would also like to mention that Kumagai-san also spoke English and was a great help as well.

To Claudia and Barbara (Le Peruggine)who did so much of their own translating. I would also like to say that your English was wonderful. Not only did you make a recognizable attempt to understand everything that was being said at all times, you would also translate to each other and I must say I was very impressed. I’m sorry I could only draw pictures when I didn’t understand… Where as I speak very limited Japanese I speak NO Italian T_T

To my diligent P.A.’s:
Tiffany Laczkowski, thank you for sticking with Le Peruggine. I know they liked you and I know you like them. I’m sorry you had to put up with Yamila so much. If I could have gotten you all way for some “free time” I would have. Believe me. Thanks so much. I hope we can stay in touch Blue-chan.

Caitlin, you were a life saver. I really appreciate you being able to come and help me/us. I know it was up in the air for a long time because of your schooling but I really must say that your presence was reassuring, at the very least, to me. I know that all the people in Eiki-Eiki’s group were pleased with that fact that you could speak some passable Japanese. It saved them a lot of headache and time. Thanks again.

Shane, you were my backbone and I know I leaned on you a lot! I am really glad that you where their for me and I am even more glad that we are friends. I’m sorry if at any time I disappointed you or anyone else for that matter. I did my best. Thank you for taking such good care of Futaba-sensei’s group, and ultimately being my Shadow. I don’t think one manga is enough to repay you for all your help. If you ever need me as a PA for any other con just let me know (at least two weeks ahead of time) and I will be their (for free ^^)

I would now like to thank my assistant Historians (aka The Slaves of History) Alicia Armenta and Heather Bruskay. thank you for being my stand in’s and for all your help throughout the entire con. I know that people appreciated you everywhere.
Alicia, please send me your pictures.
Heather, I want to thank you for your help not only with the Historian duties but also for helping at my Artist Alley table, I know it must have been dull.

Now, on with my review…

I can not place blame on any one person and I know that even I am responsible for some of it. However, I must say that from my view, because I had a view of things that most attendees do not see, Kyla, Kevin, and the rest of the staff did their best with what they had.

In Closing - to my new friends, to the attendees, an to the staff and volunteers - I will say that I enjoyed all of your company. Both the skits, Bishonen Wheel, and a large number of attendee run panels, were on the top of my list of great things. I had fun. I hope you did to.
I would like to thank my co-star in the Gundam Wing Skit, for putting up with my insistence that your hair be messy ><.
I would like to thank Jacob (or Bishonen out of Baltimore) for coming out and helping Neko-jin, Yaoi Press, and me (as well as all the others you helped) I will definitely be making you those pajamas.
I would like to thank Foxas, her soon to be, and all the cosplayers for their great attention to detail.
I would like to thank my BFF Ian for coming even though you got sick and had to leave T_T.
I would also like to thank Bobby, the artist Alley rep for all her help at my booth and for all her help driving they Y-Press van ><

(Y-Jam Guest Liaison/Historian 08)


"She'll come at dusky first of day, white over yellow, havest song. Upon her duey rainbow way she shall be beautiful and strong."

Hey, long time no update... I have a bad habit of doing that and I'm sorry bout that...realy i am, you dont have to belive me but its true.

ANY WHO i just thought i'd update everyone who reads this on whats goin' on, as if those of you close to me dont already know.

I had a boyfriend for about a month but we decided to part way after that. To those of you who know Adam please dont bother him. It was a meutiual agrement and I dont want him to feel bad or that he cant come over and just hang with us if he's lonley. Just let him be!

In other news, my work is going well and so is school. In case you didnt know I've been takeing classes at GCC this semester and since i was rather late I couldnt get into any core classes thus i have been taking Ceramics (1) and Life Drawing (1) Yes that means I've been drawing naked modles and yes some of them are male. No I am not embarised and yes they are completly naked. Yesh!

This reminds me that I need to go sign up for next semester... hm...

I'm still makin 7.50 and hr at Petsmart... I'd realy like a reise soon but I can wait. I am a paient person.. sometimes.

I am continuing to write FanFiction and Fantasy Novles in my spare time as well as draw. One story in particular "Weather and Haul Wind" i have decided is a test for a actual story I hope to publish someday. Some small thing will change of corse, the names of most of the characters included. If you'd like to read it, heres a link ^_^


Enjoy, make sure you leave a comment so I know what ya think of it ^_^

Opps, I got to go... class will start soon and I need to pack up my sketch book. Thank you Mrs. Shackelford for the portfolio, by the way, It has come in very handy ^_^

See ya soon
-Kacora Mew

Because Karen is always a bag of doosh

Well would you look at that! Its been so long since I posted something on here! haha

Anyway, heres updates for ya'll

I gots a job, been working at PetsMart for a little over three months now as an off hours stalker... Yes thats right I'm a profsional now HA! I gets a 15% discount on EVERYTHING in the store so needless to say that is comes in handy with as many pets as I have.

I'm now atending GCC (Glendale Community College) I was to late signing up to get into any core classes like English and History(that fun stuff) so I'm taking Life Drawing and Ceramics. Both are AMAZING! and the teachers are almost as warped and strange as I am.


Other than that there have been a couple of changes here at home. For those of you who dont know we now own 5 horses, thats right, FIVE! Our new adittion is Beow. He's a 7 year old mustang that used to belong to one of the members of the Posie my mom rides with. His old owner had knee sergery and could no longer ride both Beow and Drifter (his gray arab gelding) so one day at the Pose meeting he looked across the table, pointed at my mom and said "You, your the one that has to have my horse!"

And so now we have him, and he's so cool! A whoping 17 hands at the shoulder he's a dark City Palamino. He obviously had some draft blood in him somewhere down the line. He's Gorgiouse!


I got this pic from Ty. I think he got it off /b/ but there is no telling realy. Well The point is I got bored and decided to color it. YEAY!
So heres MY colored version!

Yeay for Photoshop 7.0 >.<


At any rate I gots to go. Me and my moms is going out for some breakfast.....Mmmmm Food ^_^

Ja Ne


Happy Birthday to Me! ~19~

I'm 19... actualy this post is late, as I turned 19 on the 29th of May not the 1st of June but you know how it goes ^_^

Thanks every body who came, I feel realy loved! I'll put up more pics and vids later!

Thankyou Brent for the: Air soft pistol, ammo, leg hoster, shoulder holster, blue l.e.d flashlight and the singing card

Thankyou Mom and Bk for the: CD rack and great card

Thankyou Erin for the: Sweet Dragon neckless

Thankyou Christan for the: 20$ and witty card ^_^

Thankyou ...Dad for the: yellow rose and card

Thankyou Medina for the: Nindido DS light

Thankyou Every one who signed my ...Board!
: List is as follows :

"Your to sexy for my Cat" "Amy- Yew can nerver get rid of me!"


"Glee t3h Amy is back! kitty wuvs you!"

Cory "the Arrogent Bastartd... cow"

"Amy I iz so glad yous iz backs. i lovz yous!"

"have a awsome B-DAY I'll always love you"

"Amy- You suck at WII Bowling"

"Woot! I'm glad you're back Amy! I missed you!"

"Amy- you are a good husband, *heart* your wife."

mom wow
"Luve You! So glad to have you back in the house"

"If only the stars would allow us to share our love with each other tp the rest of the world... =("

"OMG Your rapist is happy!!! Ur back!! I missed you so much we have to do something and now we can torcher my boy toy wo whoo!!*heart* <-- Its a map to my heart *heart* 'thump' creepy >.>"

Thanks again Every body! I enjoyed all of your compay! Make sure you call me so we can hang out and stuff!!!!




Today is the day of the long awaited roadtrip! Pampa Texas to Glendale Arizona. 14 hours of 70mph open highway with the occasional slow down for little towns (ususaly to 55 then to 35 then back to 55)

My poor little Medina's packed to the spill-line with my stuff, my Cat, and my mom and me. Haru's coming out with the grandparents later this year. There's just no room for him T_T

BTW, for all of you that dont know, I'm talking about Medina my black two-door explorer not Medina the crazy token black chick who loves chicken... and sandwiches... ^_^


Once again, I'm sorry I missed Ya'lls graduation ceremony! I really wish I could have come. T_T

Ty-kun is owed dinner or a extra large jar of maraschino cherries


Brent needs to be slapped, but you already knew that.
Yes Its finaly here! I went and saw the premear at the local theater here in Pampa.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 : At Worlds End

I know a lot of you guys in AZ went to see it to! So tell me what you thought of the Midnight Premeir?

I have nothing but good things to say about this movie! Despite it being nearly 3 hours long (which was good cause i means they didnt leave as much of the story on the cutting room floor) I had a blast and didnt even relize that I'd been sitting there for three hours!

I absolutly loved the costumes in this film. The dark red shirt that Will Turner wears... I want it!!! Its so freakin' sexy! Its not that Orlando is the one wearing the shirt, though I must admit the good-looks wagon didnt pass him by, its just that the shirt is down right sexy! >.<

My favorite part would have to be the sceens with the multipul Jack's. Where we first see him on the Pearl in Davy Jones Locker, Were we see on deck with on on each shoulder, and where we see him in the brig and that one drops his brain! Ahahahaha. I love it! We all knew Jack was crazy but its even better know! Squee~!

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie greatly! Trish and I where the ONLY ones to dress up as pirates though T_T Of course we knew no one else in Pampa would have the balls to so we werent to supprized. What was cool was the owner of the theater and the cop who was on hand just to make sure things didnt go overboard both wanted our picture! So we posed graciously for everyboy who asked. In the theater, while i was siting in my seat, I knoticed that a little boy and his sister where stareing at me over the backs of their seats to I ever so slowly turned my head and stared back then smiled slyly. When the noticed I was looking at them the turned back around real quick and I wanted to bust out laughing. Of course Trish and I, being the resident crazys in town would shout "ARRR!" at odd intervels just to see if we could get a reaciton. Its all good ^_^

Ah. All is right with the world and now we can all start thinking of what Will and Elizabeth's kid will look like and I wonder if Jack will ever get the "Water of Life"? Hehe I almost with thered be a 4th movie but I dont wana push my luck so I'd settle for as book ^_^

Oh and this to:

Its a cute little gif isnt it? I made it myself *puffs up proudly* Hehe, BTW Rini I saw the oficial traler for "The Golden Cumpas" and ARG! I makes me want to see it even more! T_T I love the polarbears!

New Skin a Scion Contest COMPLET

Hey! Take a look at this. I'm finished with my entery for the contest!

This is for the contest being put on my Deviat Art and Scion. The object was to design a new paint job for one or more of five diffrent Scion modles. The winner (must be over 18 to enter) can eather win a strait from factory model Scion of their choice or the 15,000$ that the viehical is worth.

Heres the car. I chose the tC Scion:

Above is a Before and After picture
Below is a beter pick of just the on I worked on.

Again, here's the link for the contest information:

Browse other submitions here:

Anybody who wants to try this should. I'd be fun if one of us won!

Check it!

Kacora out

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