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kacora_mew's Journal

Shiori Saku
29 May
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I go by many names: Kacora Mew, Shiori Saku, Amy Lynn, White Wings, but hey all represent one thing and that thing is me.
I'm not rich, but I'm not poor. I like animals and realy need to get a boyfreind.(lonley T_T) I like video games and books, anime and action films.
(PS Full Metal Alcamest :Concore of Shambala was TE-Awsome!!!)

I take a little while to get used to and i take a while to trust anyone so plesase be patient. I cant spell worth a damn so pardon my errors, as i've said a hundred times befor, dont aske my i just work here!

You can also find me and my afilliets for White Wings Production Sudios at:
Gaia Online
Online Comics (.net)
and a few other randome fourms here and there ^_^